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Smart housing assocations

Smart housing associations

External factors such as changing legislation, increasing landlord levies and increasingly intensive supervision have been putting pressure on housing corporations for some time now. The challenge for the coming years is to do more and more with fewer resources. A possible solution is that the corporations will work smarter by changing their approach to an important asset: data.

After substantial investments in automation, the optimal use of this data is, therefore, the next step in this sector. CRM systems in which contacts with the tenants are recorded, Self-service portals for repair requests and complaints, back-office systems that provide automated financial processing and planning of construction and maintenance, etc. provide an enormous amount of data that is a valuable source of knowledge about tenants and homes.

This knowledge can be used to make your business processes smarter and improve the quality of service. With ‘machine learning’, the knowledge contained in data can be translated into practical applications that provide better services at less cost. A win-win situation!

We’ve written a blog (in Dutch) about one of our projects at a housing association. Curious? Check it out!

  • Improving services

  • accelerate business processes

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Better predictions for maintenance

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