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Intelligent PIM system

Intelligent PIM system

PIM stands for Product Information Management. A PIM system contains data that is fed by all information flows. By putting all data into one system, the data becomes more reliable and more consistent. An easy example: if both a cash register system and an organization’s webshop are connected to the PIM system, the information about the assortment will be the same at both locations. The chance that differences will arise between data, such as sales specifications, will decrease considerably.

As you could have guessed. Where large mountains of data are, machine learning algorithms can add value. These algorithms can work with different goals, for example, we have done projects where our algorithms are used to classify products, but algorithms have also been implemented to compare databases. Curious about the possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Better product data

  • Less manpower needed

  • Opening up long tail

  • More revenue

  • Increased customer satisfaction

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