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Intelligent PIM system

Product Information Management (PIM) systems are indispensable to continue to offer the right product information on your sales platform(s). However, filling and maintaining the PIM system is often still labor-intensive at the moment. In addition, it is a time-consuming process and the margin of error is still relatively high. By using machine learning techniques, we can automate this process and this can give your PIM system a big boost!

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Chatbots & conversational interfaces

In our current dynamic society, it is no longer possible for companies to be unreachable right after closing time. Consumers expect more flexibility and a proper treatment at any time. Not always easy, but due to the rise of machine learning techniques we are able to build chatbots & conversational interfaces that ensure that these needs will be satisfied.

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Supply chain management

The ability to capture and bundle many more data flows nowadays makes it possible for companies to switch to a data-driven supply chain. With the right historical data and a clear goal, we can start working for you. By using algorithms you can predict what the right decision is for you.

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Smart housing associations

For housing corporations, working with data can also be a solution. By better coping with one of the most important assets that they have, they can survive in an environment where the pressure has been high for some time.

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Customized cases and projects

The services mentioned above are just a few examples in which the smart use of data can be a solution for your business. However, over the years we have had a large diversity of projects and we have provided the necessary customization. With the right data, the possibilities are endless.

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