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Squadra Machine Learning Company helps companies and organizations in their transition to a digital first strategy by intelligently utilizing data. Using the latest data science and artificial Intelligence techniques, we realize smart algorithms and powerful software which result in more efficient and effective operations, more revenue and/or distinctive new business models.

We deliver Turnkey projects. After collecting the available data and formulating the client’s specific needs, we compose a balanced team of data scientists, data engineers, data visualists and/or data consultants which realize the required algorithms and software. In many cases we start with a proof of concept (POC), so we can prove our added value within a short period at a low cost. This provides the necessary inputs for a business case/return on investment (ROI) calculation for a broader rollout within the organization.

This way, we help organizations with data driven solutions, without the need for them to build their own data science capability. They can continue to focus on their core business and innovate using state-of-the-art solutions at the same time.

Our former projects have been focused in the areas of predictive maintenance, conversational interfaces (chatbots and voice assistants), intelligent data cleaning, computer vision, language processing at text aggregation.



Are you curious to see if your company can profit from data science and machine learning techniques? If so, our workshop Artificial Intelligence For Your Business might be of interest to you. During this 2-hour workshop, we will jointly asses the opportunities our Data Science and Machine Learning technologies can offer for your company.

Guus van de Mond

Guus is founder and owner of Machine Learning Company and he is eager to tell you more about the opportunities for your company during the workshop!

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