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Having trouble offering your product data in multiple languages? Our translation services are able to translate your long or short product descriptions, your POS product data descriptions or marketing texts from one language to another automatically, saving time and costs of translation agencies.

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Our solution

Squadra Machine Learning Com­pany has developed an online conversion platform that auto­mates the product information data conversion process. This is performed in two steps:

“We saved an incredible amount of time due to the automated translations produced by your services”


Our Machine Learning algorithms analyze the product descriptions to automat­ically classify them into their re­spective categories in the chosen output standard.

Feature Matching

Natural Lan­guage Processing (NLP) is used to match the manufacturer’s prod­uct features and values to their counterparts in the chosen output standard.

Our platform can be customized to support any available product information standard and lan­guage.

The output of the conversion tool can be integrated with your PIM sys­tem, exported in different formats (Excel, XML, JSON) or queried through an API.

In practice

ETIM International, creator of the ETIM data model for electri­cal and electronic products, has distributed our conversion tool among their partners in the FEST network to speed-up and simplify the conversion of their product data to the ETIM standard. This has increased the adoption of the standard and optimized the con­version process for each partner.

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