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Smart Product Management:

  • Classification: based on standard product information, like supplier and description, classifications for new products will automatically be proposed. Since our classification algorithms can reach high precisions, it is possible to reduce 50% of the time that is currently needed to classify new products. Want to know more about classification? Check out our blog!
  • Feature matching: it is common for suppliers to use their own standards and formats to store their product information in and this can cause a lots of troubles when third parties need to work with those formats. However, with the use of our artificial intelligence, the used structures can be matched with other standards (such as ETIM) en can be converted to useful information.
  • Data enrichment: unfortunately, data from the supplier is often incomplete. That’s why we’ve developed some algorithms that can scrape information from photo’s, pdf’s, websites and other sources with the purpose to enrich the current data from the supplier.
  • SEO text generation: based on features of a product, our algorithms can automatically generate marketing texts. By intelligent shuffling, the generated texts are as unique as possible and therefore ranking high positions in search engines as well.
  • Variation detection: by comparing all product features, double, alternative or comparable products can be detected and adjusted in a moment.
  • Translations: our algorithms are capable of automatically translating all types of texts, such as product descriptions, marketing story’s and receipts in many different languages.

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