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Besides our Projects and People propositions, we also offer a number of standardized Products which help our customers to apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as a service. These products have a standalone web based user interface and/or can be accessed as a REST API for integration with other systems, and thus can be used very easy with minimal effort from the customer.

The products are offered in a scalable costs-model: there is an initial setup fee (for configuration and training with your data) followed by a pay-per-use model.  In this way, you never pay too much.

The products are used by various Dutch, Belgium, French and German organizations in the Retail, Wholesale and Services sector.

We have divided the products into the following three groups:

Smart Product Management

A number of add-ons which add intelligence on top of your PIM solution, in order to greatly reduce manual labor for classifications, conversions, enrichment, etc. and improve the quality of product data.

Supply Chain Optimization

A group of standardized services which use data science and machine learning for optimization of purchasing, pick and putaway processes, and forecasting of demand in a single or multilevel supply chain.


A number of AI services which help wholesale and retail organizations to offer personalized e-commerce, chatbots and voice, churn prediction marketing, and customer service text analysis.

Smart Product Management


Are you a supply, retail or wholesale organization looking for ways to save time converting existing product information to custom or industry standards? The product information conversion tool by Squadra Machine Learning Company speeds-up and automates this process.

Product conversion

It is common for suppliers to use their own standards and formats to store their product information in and this can cause a lot of troubles when third parties need to work with those formats. However, with the use of our artificial intelligence, the used structures can be matched with other standards (such as ETIM) en can be converted to useful information.

Data Enrichment

Unfortunately, data from the supplier is often incomplete. That’s why we’ve developed some algorithms that can scrape information from photos, pdfs, websites and other sources with the purpose to enrich the current data from the supplier.

SEO text generation

Based on the features of a product, our algorithms can automatically generate marketing texts. By intelligent shuffling, the generated texts are as unique as possible and therefore ranking high positions in search engines as well.

Variant detection

By comparing all product features, double, alternative or comparable products can be detected and adjusted in a moment.


Our algorithms are capable of automatically translating all types of texts, such as product descriptions, marketing stories and receipts in many different languages.

Supply Chain Optimization

Demand Forecasting

Predicting trends and product needs at certain moments in the future, based on historical and public data.

Optimize Stock Levels

Optimizing stock levels at all stages of the chain, so that the needs can be met at all times while taking the limitations and costs into account.

Optimize Purchasing

Based on data of stock levels, expected needs and purchase prices, our machine learning algorithms are capable to identify the perfect circumstances to buy your goods.

AI Commerce

Customer Profiling

Identify customer groups and potential customers and translate them to concrete buyer persona’s, based on the available data from your organization combined with from public sources.

Voice Commerce

Make use of the latest technologies in the area of chatbots and voice bots in order to support your marketing, sales or customer services. With 24/7 availability, higher conversations versus lower costs can be achieved.


By finding patterns in the behavior of your customers, our algorithms are able to generate personal recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

By analyzing customer satisfaction automatically, useful reports can be generated based on thousands of reviews in order to prevent that they are running away!

Smart Credit Management

Predict what customers/organizations are more likely to become in the ‘danger zone’ and need specific attention, based on sources like historical payment behavior, news websites and others.

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