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The vast growing success of Data Science and Machine Learning techniques is dependent on the capabilities of the people leading the change. Squadra Machine Learning Company is uniquely skilled in finding the best person for the job.

The rapid pace at which technological developments are changing the world demands a whole range of new skills and abilities from any leader heading the charge. The skillset and experience that are needed in the Data Science domain differs from organization to organization.

The new dynamic poses great challenges both for the companies who are looking for Data Scientists as well as for organizations helping them by means of recruitment services or supporting them by addressing their capability or knowledge needs. Simply matching CV’s is not enough. It’s all about understanding the customer context, culture and challenges to be able to find the right candidate or offering a matching proposal for intermediate needs.

Are you looking for strengthening your team by fulfilling a vacancy or addressing a temporary capacity or knowledge need, we are perfectly able to help you. With our extensive experience in the Data Science domain we are eager to help you with finding the kind of specialist that meets the needs of your company.

We are uniquely equipped for matching the demands of companies.

Vacancies: We are firmly embedded in several networks of Data Scientists, which gives us unparalleled access to the brightest and most talented people for fulfilling your vacancies. But more importantly, we facilitate the discussion among the stakeholders that is needed to formulate which profile best suits the challenge at hand. Before commencing any search, we make sure every stakeholder is on the same page regarding the requirements of the job. It’s a different way of looking at recruitment. It’s our way of conducting a search.

For these kinds of positions, we don’t believe in LinkedIn or job postings because they only slow the process down. We believe in speed, personal relationships, and a very personal investment in the process. Every candidate is handpicked and carefully vetted.

Capability/Knowledge challenges: We support our customers in building up or growing their Data Science teams, not only by supporting them with fulfilling the vacancies, but also by addressing temporary needs. Are you looking for Data Scientists to accelerate your project or want to address a knowledge gap within your team, we are more than happy to help you. We offer the best data science specialists on HBO and WO level, who are carefully selected and are constantly supported by our extensive community within Squadra Machine Learning Company.

Since Squadra Machine Learning company has a 100% focus on the market of data science professionals, we can guarantee that your company gets the professional with the right data science skills!

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Squadra Machine Learning Company stands for:

  • Experience

    Since Squadra Machine Learning Company has been active in this area for several years, we can perfectly estimate what your team needs!

  • Focus

    Because Squadra Machine Learning Company is completely focused on data science, you get the guarantee that there is our professionals contain the right data science skills.

  • Flexibility

    Being active in both the business of secondment and recruitment makes us already flexible, but if you want to hand your data completely over to us, we can do consultancy projects as well!

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