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The amount of data is growing and Data Science is booming. By working with data and making data work for you, you can achieve goals that would otherwise have been impossible.

The data science academy that we have established ensures that specialists who are already used to work with data can specialize further. By looking together with you at the techniques that can benefit you in your work, we develop a personal learning program that

Personal learning program

Depending on the experience and situation, we make a personal learning program. This can range from a few weeks of hands-on tips on certain techniques by our experienced Data Scientists to following a full-time training with a personal coach.

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Squadra Machine Learning Company stands for:

  • Experience

    By practicing data science for years at Squadra Machine Learning Company, we have gained lots of experience in the field and, therefore, we can perfectly estimate the needs of your data science team!

  • Focus

    Since Squadra Machine Learning Company is purely focused on data science, we guarantee that our professionals have the right skillset to teach you all about data science.

  • Flexibility

    Since we are flexible in our services, we offer you the chance to build the training course that benefits you the most!

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