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People are the most valuable asset. The need for qualified Data Scientists is crucial for our customers as well as for ourselves, and is as such one of the 3 key P’s in our service portfolio. It is obvious that the explosion of data has created a strong need for real specialists in this area. A logical development since most companies do have a fast growing set of data and want to turn this data into a competitive advantage. The need for qualified Data Scientists has dramatically increased through promising results in a variety of sectors. In the end, no one wants to miss a huge opportunity to create more value. Data driven value creation is Squadra Machine Learning Company’s passion.

The Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning market is however rather new, leading to uncertainties with employers as well as with employees. The number of Data Science related job titles is quickly growing and sometimes leading to confusion. For employers it might be hard to define what kind of Data specialist is needed for their team if they are not familiar with the new techniques and different Data Scientist roles. On the other side, it might be hard for data specialists to find the right job opportunity where they can utilize their Data Science skills and passions.

While looking for job titles related to the Data Science domain job titles like Data Analist, Data Expert, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Specialist, Big Data Manager and even Database Wizard show up. The proliferation of job titles is easily explainable due to the recent attention to data science. However, a consequence of this proliferation is that both companies as well as specialists get lost on regular basis. More specifically, this results in specialists that end up in the wrong position and decide to quit their job prematurely. For this reason, Squadra Machine Learning Company has defined 3 different key roles within Data Science teams: Data Consultant, Data Scientist and Data Engineer.

We support our customers to find the right candidates for their vacancies, support our customer with temporary needs to address specific knowledge/skill requirements or address a capacity issue. Furthermore, we often have vacancies within Squadra Machine Learning Company for our product development and projects.

Since Squadra Machine Learning Company has executed dozens of projects and has been in touch with many different organizations, we are perfectly able to support you as a customer by defining the right job profile and finding the right candidates. At the same time, we support you as Data Specialist to find the right job that matches your skillset and ambition.

Based on our broad experience, we are perfectly able to advice what’s the best for your company or your career. So, that is where Squadra Machine Learning Company comes in and adds value!

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