Machine learning is already being concretely used in many fields and in various industries. The possibilities are practically inexhaustible. An overview of what is already possible and a clear classification into four different types of applications.

Machine learning is a technique that enables software to be self-learning without explicit programming. Instead of writing code with lots of “if this, then do that” rules, machine learning recognizes patterns in data and creates an algorithm based on them that can recognize, predict, advise, optimize and/or classify. It is an extremely powerful technique that allows software to perform intelligent tasks that, until recently, were primarily performed by humans. With this, various business and industrial processes, customer-facing services and other data-driven functions can be automated in an innovative way.

Machine learning is not new. It has its origins in academia in the late 60’s / early 70’s and is already used on a daily basis in large companies. With the wide availability of (big) data, the increase in processing power and the availability of machine learning platforms, this exponentially growing technology has recently become mature. With it, machine learning is becoming applicable to every organization.
Machine learning applications can be classified into four categories. These categories are discussed in the entire article on Emerce.

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By Guus van de Mond