Based on the features of a product, our algorithms can automatically generate marketing texts. By intelligent shuffling, the generated texts are as unique as possible and therefore ranking high positions in search engines as well.

In an online first retail world, unique product descriptions are a must. Search engines rank pages with unique texts higher in their search results thus increasing the product’s visibility and improving client conversion.

The text generation tool by Squadra Machine Leaning Com­pany generates unique product marketing texts at a large scale and with minimal manual input.

Our solution

Squadra Machine Learning Com­pany has developed a smart online text generation platform ( that automatically generates unique product descriptions. uses product feature data to gen­erate unique meta descriptions and product marketing texts in several languages for each unique product.

We currently offer three levels of automation:

Level 1

Product descriptions are written per product class using templates. Each template can contain conditions, prioritizations, and alternatives which are used by an intelligent shuffling al­gorithm to generate unique texts.

Level 2

If your organization al­ready has a large amount of sales texts available, our algorithms can be trained to generate new templates based on these, thus minimizing manual input.

Level 3

(under development)

We are currently developing a Neural Net based solution for automatic text generation. This state-of-the-art algorithm will enable fully AI-assisted text generation.

In practice

Rensa is a wholesale organiza­tion specialized in heating and ventilation equipment, with at about 350.000 products. The customer base of Rensa requires the digital availability of not only the fastmoving products but also the long tail products. But from a workload and cost perspective, this requirement was hard to fulfill. With the of Squadra Machine Learning Company, however, Ren­sa is now digitizing the long-tail products at a rapid pace.

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