It is common for suppliers to use their own standards and formats to store their product information in and this can cause a lot of troubles when third parties need to work with those formats. However, with the use of our artificial intelligence, the used structures can be matched with other standards (such as ETIM) and can be converted to useful information.

Despite the existence of industry standards like, Amazon, ETIM, GS1, etc. both suppliers and wholesalers frequently use their own standards, formats and classifications to store and exchange product information data. Converting this product data from one standard to the other often involves time-consuming manual labor.

Our solution

Squadra Machine Learning Company has developed an online conversion platform that automates the product information data conversion process. This is performed in two steps:

  • Classification: our Machine Learning algorithms analyse the product descriptions to automatically classify them into their respective categories in the chosen output standard.
  • Feature Matching: Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to match the manufacturer product features and values to their counterparts in the chosen output standard.

Our platform can be customized to support any available product information standard and language. The output of the conversion tool can be integrated in your PIM system, exported in different formats (Excel, XML, JSON) or queried through an API.

In practice

ETIM International, creator of the ETIM data model for electrical and electronic products, has distributed our conversion tool among their partners in the FEST network to speed-up and simplify the conversion of their product data to the ETIM standard. This has increased the adoption of the standard and optimized the conversion process for each partner.

Guus van de Mond

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