Are you a supply, retail or wholesale organization looking for ways to save time converting existing product information to custom or industry standards? The product information conversion tool by Squadra Machine Learning Company speeds-up and automates this process.

Our solution

Squadra Machine Learning Com­pany has developed an online conversion platform that auto­mates the product information data conversion process.


Our standard classification algorithms are trained with your data, so that it learns which products belong to which class. This is not limited to one structure, e.g. products can ben classified in a PIM structure and also in a separate web product structure.

After the initial training process, the algorithm is able to predict the right classes for new products. It uses the product descriptions, manufacturer, product features and/or even product images to make the right classifications. The predicted output class also comes with a risk level indicator, indicating the level of certainty of the prediction so that you can focus on the classification of products which require manual verification.

We provide several ways of interacting with the classification algorithm: a web user interface which allows class prediction for single products, an integrated excel solution which allows bulk classification and a REST API interface which allows integration with other systems in the required formats (XML, JSON).

Our platform can be customized to support any available product information standard and lan­guage.

Feature matching, Product enrichment and Data quality

The classification algorithms are often combined with the feature matchingdata enrichment and data quality algorithms. Please see these sections for a more detailed description.

In practice

Sonepar is an independent family-owned group of 170 operating companies, with global market leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. They offer millions of products from thousands suppliers and need to classify at about 10.000 new products each month to the ETIM industry standard. Using the classification algorithm of Squadra Machine Learning Company, they have been able to reduce the amount of manual labor for product classification significantly.

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