A number of add-ons which add intelligence on top of your PIM solution, in order to greatly reduce manual labor for classifications, conversions, enrichment, etc. and improve the quality of product data.


Are you a supply, retail or wholesale organization looking for ways to save time converting existing product information to custom or industry standards? The product information conversion tool by Squadra Machine Learning Company speeds-up and automates this process.

Product Conversion

It is common for suppliers to use their own standards and formats to store their product information in and this can cause a lot of troubles when third parties need to work with those formats. However, with the use of our artificial intelligence, the used structures can be matched with other standards (such as ETIM) and can be converted to useful information.

Data Enrichment

Unfortunately, data from the supplier is often incomplete. That’s why we have developed some algorithms that can scrape information from photos, pdf's, websites and other sources with the purpose to enrich the current data from the supplier.

SEO Text generation

Based on the features of a product, PowerText.ai can automatically generate marketing texts. By intelligent shuffling, the generated texts are as unique as possible and therefore ranking high positions in search engines as well.

Product Relations

By comparing all product features, double, alternative or comparable products can be detected and adjusted in a moment.

Data quality & improvement

Improving data quality by attribute extraction from images, texts, smart scraping from PDFs & websites, product classification verification, language checking, contradictory data detection, likely data prediction, and outlier detection.

Guus van de Mond

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