A number of intelligent services that help wholesale and retail organizations offer their products. Think of personalized offers, chatbot support, churn predictions and customer service analyzes.

Customer Profiling

Identify customer groups and potential customers and translate them to concrete buyer persona’s, based on the available data from your organization combined with from public sources.

Voice Commerce

Make use of the latest technologies in the area of chatbots and voice bots in order to support your marketing, sales or customer services. With 24/7 availability, higher conversations versus lower costs can be achieved.


By finding patterns in the behavior of your customers, our algorithms are able to generate personal recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

By analyzing customer satisfaction automatically, useful reports can be generated based on thousands of reviews in order to prevent that they are running away!

Smart Credit Management

Predict what customers/organizations are more likely to become in the ‘danger zone’ and need specific attention, based on sources like historical payment behavior, news websites and others.

E-Learning: AI in E-commerce

A free e-learning where you learn what AI is and how you can take the next step with AI in your own e-commerce organization. In collaboration with Thuiswinkel.org, Squadra Machine Learning Company has developed a (free) e-learning module where you learn what AI is and how you can take the next step with AI in your own e-commerce organization. Theoretical and useful practical examples are given where you learn to determine which applications are relevant to your webshop.


Introduction to AI for e-commerce

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Guus van de Mond

''Our team's common goal is to help customers with machine learning algorithms and applying artificial intelligence. I would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.''

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Smart Product Data Management

A number of add-ons which add intelligence on top of your PIM solution, in order to greatly reduce manual labor for classifications, conversions, enrichment, etc. and improve the quality of product data.

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Supply Chain Optimization

A group of standardized services which use data science and machine learning for optimization of purchasing, pick and putaway processes, and forecasting of demand in a single or multilevel supply chain.

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Predictive Maintenance

Demonstrable experience in predicting maintenance work, where projects are facilitated and coordinated from start to finish.

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