We are delighted to announce that Squadra Machine Learning Company has been nominated for The Innovation Manager Awards of 2019!

The Innovation Manager Awards are also known as the ‘Timmies’ or the ‘TIM Awards’ and are organized by ICT media. The purpose of these awards is originally to stimulate and reward innovative projects in the Dutch IT-ecosystems. However, since projects from areas other than IT can also be innovative, these can be selected and rewarded as well. Innovativity can occur in many ways and therefore, five different categories are defined:

  • Most innovative Vendor
  • Most innovative Project within a Company
  • Most innovative Leader
  • Most innovative Ecosystem
  • Most innovative New Kids

After sending more information about the projects that we have done here in the past year, the jury of the TIM Awards congratulated us with the nomination this morning. The next step is to be at the CIO dinershow on the 26th of March 2019, where the winners of the TIM Awards will be announced. We’ll keep you updated!