It is clear that the coronavirus has put us in a bizarre situation. Clearly, we can’t prevent that we as well will be hit, businesswise and in private. However, we think it is everyone’s duty to help each other as much as possible in these days. Therefore, we would like to help by using our expertise: inserting Machine Learning and Data Science techniques within organizations to become more efficient, smarter and more innovative. In order to help we have taken some measures regarding our services, they are stated below.

If we can help you, or your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form, by mail ( or by phone (+ 085 0653780).


  • With our our knowledge and insights, we can quickly help organizations who are directly fighting the coronavirus. Our help can be done in different ways. On the one hand we can make a data science specialist available, but on the other hand we can help by releasing our software. In this way, your data can be used directly and concrete in order to help organizations facing their challenges. Either way, the main goal is to help as fast and as easy as possible.
  • Additional resources will be available to speak with every Data Science specialist that will become jobless due to the coronavirus. For these specialists, we will actively use our network to get them a new job as soon as possible. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you, or your colleague Data Science specialist, will get in this situation in the near future.
  • Given the circumstances, commercial goals are placed second and the main goal is to get as much data science specialists as possible back on track with a new job. Therefore, we are willing to lower our prices for organizations who are willing to employ a data science specialist during the crisis. If your organization is open for new faces in the team, please contact us!

Note: These measures are based on the needs to help each other during this crisis and have no commercial intents!

Please get in touch with us if we are able to help someone with one of our measures.