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Industry & Brands

Machine learning and AI optimize business processes and drive innovation in the industry & brands sector. Intelligent algorithms identify patterns, accelerate product development and predict customer behavior, resulting in better decisions and competitive advantage. As an experienced partner, we have executed successful machine learning and AI projects, improving company performance and growth potential.

Customer case Schoeller Allibert

• Webscraping
• Feature extraction
• Similarity scores


Squadra Machine Learning Company supports retailers in the realization and implementation of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence solutions. With our expertise, we help retailers leverage advanced technologies, optimize business processes and make data-driven decisions, leading to competitive advantage and growth.

Customer case

• Saving man-hours
• Saving costs

Customer case BCC

• Understanding customer experiences
• Analysis of reviews
• Time savings


Machine learning enables wholesalers to automate business processes and increase efficiency. Algorithms learn from data and automate tasks such as demand forecasting, inventory management and price optimization, resulting in better decision making and customer service. As an experienced partner, we have implemented successful machine learning projects, strengthening competitiveness and business growth of wholesalers.

Customer case Sonepar

• 1.000.000 products
• Product description generation
• 50% time reduction

Klantcase Kaemingk

• 20.000 items
• Feature Extraction
• Automatic extraction

Professional Services

Squadra Machine Learning Company has also implemented multiple successful machine learning projects for organizations in the Professional Services industry. By leveraging our expertise, we have helped these organizations gain data-driven insights, automate processes and implement innovative solutions, contributing to their success and growth.






Squadra Machine Learning Company also helps companies in the Finance industry develop and implement Machine learning. Machine learning helps the finance industry cut costs by quickly detecting fraud, refining risk assessments, automating routine processes and personalizing services. This technology improves efficiency, reduces losses from defaults and fraud, and optimizes customer interactions.

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