On September 14th, 2021, a Powerrelate webinar took place. This webinar, presented in Dutch, was organized by Squadra Machine Learning Company and Intergamma, the organization behind two of the biggest hardware stores in the Benelux (Karwei and Gamma).

Intergamma faced the challenge that they wanted to provide their customers with related, additional and comparable products. By giving customers other options, you provide them with convenience to help them find what they are looking for. Moreover, it does not only enrich the customer experience, it also could lead to a higher conversion rate.

That is why Intergamma asked Squadra to help them in providing these product variants and accessories. In order to do this, meaningful product relations needed to be detected. With the help of smart algorithms, Squadra managed to achieve this goal.

Anouk Renaud, Product Owner at Intergamma, shares her experience in this webinar. Together with Guus van de Mond, partner and co-founder at Squadra, she elaborates on Intergamma’s experience with Powerrelate.ai and the nomination for the 2020 Innovation Award!

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