By comparing all product features, double, alternative or comparable products can be detected and adjusted in a moment.

Serving your customers in the most friendly way means that you offer the right products or combination of products. Using the powerful algorithms allows you to offer similar products, comparable products and accessoires, based on the features of the products. It can also be used to create logical product families, for example on your website.

Our solution

Squadra Machine Learning Com­pany has developed a set of Product Relations algorithms which allow you to process your complete product dataset and detect meaningful relations between your products. It can be used for the following purposes:

Accessoires and compatible products

Our Machine Learning algorithms analyze the features of all products and determine accessoires and compatible products. E.g. electronic devices with a display over USB-C possibility. It can be extended using sales data to filter the combinations that are sold in pairs frequently.

Similar products

The algorithms can find similar products from different suppliers. For example, you can offer customers alternatives for a certain product against a better price or margin, or offer alternative products in case a product is not on stock. To limit the number of alternative products, our algorithm uses smart technology to determine the most important features.

Our platform can be customized to support any available product information standard and lan­guage.

In practice

Intergamma bv operates the construction market formulas GAMMA and KARWEI on a franchise basis, with nearly 400 construction markets in the Netherlands and Belgium. They do this with a team of almost 400 people from 2 offices in Leusden and Antwerp. They are the market leader in the Benelux. Intergamma uses the algorithms to find similar products and to group products into families.

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