Who is Fabory?

Fabory is the market leader in fasteners in the Benelux with more than 400,000 products in its range. The company offers a complete range of fasteners, tools, industrial products and custom items. The product range is constantly being expanded and is available in both the webshop and the Fabory Centres. Fabory is active in 10 European countries, has 10 branches, five distribution centers and works with 3000 suppliers.

What is Challenge?

Fabory’s huge range requires a detailed classification system with an extensive documentation system. A clear category structure of the range and efficient use of classification hierarchies fits Fabory’s worldwide leading role in their market. This requires controls and data consistency. To realize this, Fabory is looking for tooling that firstly supports the definition of a data model and basic quality rules and secondly cleans the data based on this model and the data quality rules. Fabory asked Squadra Machine Learning Company to supply this tooling.

How does Squadra Machine Learning Company offer the solution?

Squadra Machine Learning Company is an expert Smart Product Data Management and AI-Commerce. With the software services of PowerSuite.ai, Squadra MLC aims to optimize product data. Squadra MLC can help Fabory with our experience and use the underlying software components of PowerSuite.ai in clustering, classification and quality assurance to deliver a solution that meets Fabory’s requirements. Squadra MLC has developed a tool that suggests the category structure and adds features to the appropriate categories.

First, the solution should suggest categorization, and classification based on existing product data from Fabory flat files and allow these proposals to be approved or rejected, learning from user input to optimize future proposals. Second, the solution must propose cleanup and normalization actions and make it possible to undo actions or apply an action in a repetitive manner. Fabory wants to maintain control over the process, which means that the solution should make suggestions or proposals, but not take any action without human approval.

What is the result?

Squadra has provided Fabory with the tooling that supports a detailed classification system with an extensive documentation system. An efficient category structure improves internal and external processes. This includes the product data that is supplied, but also the display of products on the webshop. Clear product data ensures a better customer journey, so that the customer will arrive at the intended product sooner.
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