Who is Kaemingk? 

Kaemingk is a leading importer and exporter of seasonal decorative items. Every autumn and spring season, it presents its innovative home deco collections for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and spring/summer. Kaemingk’s range includes approximately 20,000 home and garden decoration items, which are supplied to thousands of professional customers in more than 80 countries around the world. 

What is the challenge? 

Kaemingk has their products made by manufacturers in South East Asia. They are about a year and a half ahead of the seasonal collections. To bring the most innovative and sought-after products to the market, Kaemingk works with a trend team. This team visits trade fairs to gain inspiration for trends for the coming seasons. At these fairs, photos are taken of products. These photos are used as inspiration for designing new products for the new collection, which are exclusively produced by the manufacturers of Kaemingk. The many thousands of photos are stored per year and per trade fair in folders on a file share. Given the number of photos, adding metadata such as colors, styles, and subjects is too time-consuming, so the photos are saved without this extra information. 

This means that photos cannot be found, or only after a lot of effort. It is not possible to search for photos by subject, design, color, shape, finish, etc. Designing new products and delivering the designs to manufacturers, therefore, has a long lead time and takes up a lot of man-hours. Kaemingk was therefore looking for a way to speed up the findability of photos. 

How does Squadra Machine Learning Company provide the solution? 

Squadra: Machine Learning Company uses advanced AI technology to search photos: Visual Search. Using vector technology, algorithms ‘understand’ what is in photos, without any textual (meta) data being available. This makes it possible to search all images that Kaemingk has collected via a search page with a search text. You can search by topics, shapes, colors, styles, and designs. For example, if you search for a ‘white side table in Italian design’, you will see the correct photos as a search result via Visual Search! The search engine works in English and can therefore be used internationally. 

What is the result? 

With Visual Search, Kaemingk has a functional image search engine, which saves a lot of time. With one search term, you can find the relevant images in the huge collection of images within seconds. In addition to the time savings, trends are also discovered faster and the lead time of designing and supplying manufacturers is significantly shortened. With the Visual Search solution from Squadra Machine Learning Company, Kaemingk benefits from this innovative technology, which distinguishes it from the competition. 

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