Woningbelang is a housing association based in Valkenswaard and makes an active contribution to a viable Valkenswaard and Bergeijk. The corporation has approximately 3,850 rental homes and social real estate such as health centers and care homes. It is a financially healthy corporation that leads the way and scores high on customer focus and social performance at low costs. There is a high level of ambition in which they strive to improve services through digitization, not only for internal use but also for better cooperation with tenants and partners.


Back in 2017, the first meetings were set up. During a kick-off by means of an experiment, the needs of the organization were prioritized and analysis of the required data took place.

From this basis, Woningbelang came up with the question if AI techniques could help them with different challenges. Currently, a system is used that a receives data via various channels, which involves a lot of manual work to maintain. In addition, in the old system, there was no possibility of reporting and various reports (“Meters” as Woningbelang calls them) were made manually. The most pressing question of which Woningbelang had, was to be able to see the most suitable place for sewer maintenance. In addition, there was a need to use an application within the operational management, because it was being phased out.


First of all, a data flow has been set in motion to our software, from which a data lake has been set up. Immediately afterwards, a structure was created for setting up a dashboard in which the reports for business operations were incorporated. All the work that was previously done manually is hereby automated. This is done by using Power BI.

This tool is more than just a dashboard, since it is interactive. With the help of Power BI, a number of steps have been automated and there is a central source of data. For the development of this dashboard, the old situation with the meters was carefully considered.

A lot of time has been deliberately invested in understanding how all meters are created and what all calculations represent before they are automated in Power BI together with the corresponding data. The unique thing about this solution is that all meters can be seen down to the detailed level.

Below is one of the meters. Because this is confidential data, a fictitious meter can be seen. This meter is based on the way that it is shown within Power BI.

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fictitious meter


An interactive performance dashboard has been created using the new Power BI environment. Woningbelang now provides its full reports and meters with the correct data automatically, and can view the score live down to the detailed level. By doing this, the workload for employees has been reduced. They no longer have to process everything manually and search for specific results.

Performance Dashboard
Guus van de Mond

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