iBood is an online warehouse offering an extremely wide range of products, from clothes to electronics. The brand ships to multiple countries in Europe which makes it relevant for them to offer the possibility for customers to choose their preferred language.

With such an enormous product range, manually translating these texts takes way too much time and therefore man-hours, that could also be spent on other business activities. Though manual translations are probably the most accurate, the time consumption of translating a text makes it extremely inefficient.

In this case, a solution could be to automate text translations in a smart and natural way. This is where PowerTranslate.ai software came in useful for iBood. This platform uses smart algorithms to instantly generate the best translations, and it allows the user to add ‘dictionaries’ which may contain business-specific language. In this way, the user can upload a list of words and their correct translations, so that our algorithm automatically replaces the wrongly translated words with the correct translations.