is one of the most popular online warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium. With their immense product range of over 30 million products, the brand also has an immense amount of product data. In order to sell products in other countries, or to people who speak different languages, the brand is required to offer the possibility for customers to choose their preferred language.

Not translating product texts could lead to dissatisfaction among foreign customers, which would obviously negatively influence sales. Thanks to software, is now able to automatically translate many product texts in an instant. Now, the amount of man-hours spent on translating texts can be significantly reduced, which offers the opportunity to spend these man-hours on different business activities, while also saving money. is part of the PowerSuite. The PowerSuite is a group of SaaS Software products, which aim to improve your productdata. By using smart AI algorithms within different processes of productdata management, the PowerSuite can easily help saving time and costs.