In collaboration with, Squadra Machine Learning Company has developed a (free) e-learning module where you learn what AI is and how you can take the next step with AI in your own e-commerce organization. Theoretical and useful practical examples are given where you learn to determine which applications are relevant for your webshop.

The experts in this e-learning are Guus van de Mond (founder) and Leon Gerritsen (data scientist) from Squadra Machine Learning Company. Guus and Leon introduce you to AI and its applications in the world of e-commerce. Curious about who they are and what they do daily? Below they would like to introduce themselves to you.

In recent years, the number of new technologies in the world of e-commerce has increased. Data, machine learning, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play an increasingly important role in this. While it was about data science five years ago, the future now revolves around AI. For example, with AI you realize a personalized offer, suggestions based on image recognition and 24/7 customer service with a chatbot. You make your offer and content more personal, optimize touchpoints in the customer journey and improve the customer experience. And not only that, because AI also offers opportunities to improve internal processes.

The possibilities with AI for e-commerce are endless. It is not without reason that AI is called the technology with a lot of potential that is realizing a shift within the world of e-commerce. Time to see which next step AI offers your organization to grow.

This e-learning takes approximately 60 minutes. You can pause it in between, so that you can go through the material at your own pace and resume at a time of your choosing. When you have completed the e-learning, it is time to prove that you have understood the material. For this you take a final test. Have you answered enough questions correctly? Then you will receive a personal certificate.

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Download the summary!
Did you complete the e-learning and are you looking for an overview ofthe use of AI for your e-commerce organization? We have collected the most important information for you. The (Dutch) summary can be downloaded via the contact form below.

NOTE: the summary is in Dutch.