PIM systems: What are they and what can they do?

By implementing Product Information Management (PIM), an organization can efficiently collect, manage, and distribute product data across its various sales and marketing channels. Therefore, PIM is of vital importance for any e-commerce company. PIM focuses on all the data you need to be able to market and sell your products, and has three effects on your organization:

1. Your customer engagement will improve.
2. The efficiency and effectiveness of your employees will increase.
3. Your turnover is growing.

Thus, a PIM system offers a platform to manage and organizes all relevant information about the produced or to be sold products. PIM systems are of value to companies that produce or sell a lot of products, for example manufacturers or retailers. These are generally companies dealing with large quantities products or product parts. 

E-Commerce strategies with PIM

For organizations with a large amount of products, PIM is no longer a pleasant extra but it is a necessity. Implementing PIM can be a longtail strategy, and can tackle problems like manually adding new products to your product assortment. Manually adding new products is incredibly time consuming, however with the use of a  PIM system this process is simplified which can save your organization valuable time and money. Furthermore, implementing PIM can be used for a channel strategy, supporting an increase in sales by enabling to add additional channels to your current sales channels to reach a wider audience.

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Product text with PIM: the ideal starting situation for product texts

As more and more products are sold online, the importance of product descriptions increased significantly. All the necessary information for a potential customer to decide whether or not to buy a product should be present on your e-commerce website. A web shop stands or falls with good, qualitative product information, and with a lack of proficient information, customers will move on and you lose a sale.

Implementation of PIM can help to create products descriptions for thousands of products, in multiple languages. Your PIM system will offer all necessary product characteristics for good product descriptions, for example article number, series, type or brand. Still, manually creating product descriptions is again time-consuming, and it is recommended to automate this process. 

With the use of smart algorithms, hundreds or thousands of unique product descriptions can be written in an instant. Powertext.ai is such a smart online text generation platform that can automatically generate unique product descriptions based on the product characteristics provided by the PIM system. The generated product descriptions are all unique and can be generated in multiple languages for each product. Hundreds or thousands of unique product texts can be written in a single moment using smart algorithms. Powertext.ai is such a smart online text generation tool that can automatically create unique product texts based on the product characteristics provided by the PIM system. Each product’s generated product description is unique and can be generated in several languages.