About us

Who are we

The culture of Squadra Machine Learning Company places teamwork and close collaboration at its core, not surprising since “Squadra” is Italian for “Team”.

Machine Learning Company’s thinking is an extension of this fundamental sense of collectivity by providing a work environment that encourages and facilitates inclusiveness, growth and collaboration.

Furthermore, Machine Learning Company provides the right tools for employees to develop themselves and discover where their passion really lies, we do this not only through cool projects, but also through developing our own SaaS products.

By providing its employees with the autonomy that leads to growth, Machine Learning Company strives to maintain a culture that is not only future-proof, but also allows for creativity and self-development.

Working for Machine Learning Company

Our core values


Passion for data & innovative technology

Customer first

Commitment to results

Excel in field of expertise

Having fun

How we work

We all work completely ‘Agile’, this makes sure not to limit anyone’s dynamism and thus enable a flexible way of working.

We hold a daily Stand-up to map out what everyone is doing in order to maintain an equal and horizontal company hierarchy.

Knowledge is invaluable to us, which is why monthly knowledge meetings are organized in which our experts present each other with the latest developments within their discipline.

Our teams

Data Science

Our data science team includes experts in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and visualizing Data.


Our commercial unit is concerned with marketing our services and ensuring that the interests of our stakeholders are aligned with those of us as an organization.


Our Developers ensure that everything works properly behind the scenes and make the translation from idea to an actual final product.

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Social activities

Machine Learning Company consists of a close-knit team of experts who join forces to take on the challenge of delivering results to our clients. Of course, good cooperation requires a pleasant work environment, so having fun in the work we do is very important at Machine Learning Company.

On a regular basis, various events and meetings are organized around knowledge sharing, team building, or brainstorming. Furthermore, we often challenge each other to a game of table soccer or darts and we are of course always in for a drink on Friday afternoon to close the working week and to celebrate the results achieved.