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History Squadra Machine Learning Company

Squadra Machine Learning Company has been carefully constructed and has slowly but surely established its name in the market. Below is described what this adventure looked like.

Expanding business with the units ‘Products’ & ‘People’

March 2019

After carrying out many different projects at our clients it was decided to expand the current business with two new units: Products & People. This implies that from this moment on Squadra Machine Learning Company is also in the business of offering standard products (SaaS-solutions) and in the business of shaping strong data science team by its clients.

Machine Learning Company joins Squadra

February 2018

After working intensively together with Squadra for the past six months, it was decided that Machine Learning Company could officially join the Squadra family at the start of 2018. From this moment on the company’s name has officially changed to “Squadra Machine Learning Company”.

Machine Learning Company’s first project: Woningbelang

February 2017

After some months of preparation, Machine Learning Company could deliver its first project at Woningbelang, stated in Valkenswaard. Woningbelang is a housing corporation that was willing to use their data in order to improve their services. With the proposed solutions some services could directly be improved and it turned out that this case was a perfect example of how data can add value to your organization!

Machine Learning Company is founded

January 2017

Founder Guus van de Mond sets up a brand new consultancy agency that has the mission to improve the services of its clients by carrying out projects that are based on using powerful data science and machine learning techniques.

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