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Squadra Machine Learning Company

Squadra Machine Learning Company is a young Dutch company that combines knowledge of business processes, data mining, data analysis, statistics and data visualization for the purpose of creating Machine Learning algorithms. We are passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning in particular and help our customers to take advantage of these intelligent technologies, so that they can offer better services, be more efficient and outperform their competitors.

Since February 2018, Squadra Machine Learning Company is a proud member of Squadra – The Digital Transformation network.

Machine Learning Company


Squadra supports customers in the execution of their Digital Transformation programs and implementation of e-Commmerce and Omnichannel strategies. Squadra consists of a number of practices that focus on the exchange of knowledge and experience in specific domains like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management, Data Science & Business Intelligence, e-Commerce and Executive Search. Squadra is an Italian word, meaning ‘team’ and ‘collaboration’, which are key elements of our DNA.



Apostle is specialized in finding and binding target groups through social media. With their own developed method (called Social Shift) and their social publishing system, practical solutions are offered to achieve your goals. Curious how they do it? Check it out!

HB Software

HB Software is a team of true professionals. A complementary team: the disciplines complement each other and have short lines. A team that manages and implements from experience. That gives our customers peace of mind. Challenges are placed with us in the knowledge that a solution will come.

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