We are  Squadra Machine Learning Company

The Machine Learning Company is a young Dutch company that combines knowledge about business processes, data mining, data analysis, statistics and data visualization for the purpose of creating machine learning algorithms. We are passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning in particular and help our customers to take advantage of this intelligent technology, so that they can offer better services, be more efficient and outperform their competitors.

We offer consultancy, we deliver solutions and we implement these, so that our customers can keep focus on their business. We cooperate with partners whenever necessary.

Since February 2018, Machine Learning Company is a proud member of Squadra – The Digital Transformation network

Our services

Intelligent PIM system

Chatbots & conversational interfaces

Supply chain management

Smart housing associations

Customized cases and projects

We advise our customers to make the PIM system more ‘intelligent’ by training the system on the collected data.

New ways of communicating are emerging. By using machine learning techniques, chatting with robots feels like speaking with a human.

Through a data-driven supply chain, decisions can be based on figures and this brings you closer to an optimal solution.

Housing associations have valuable data. By using machine learning techniques, both the customer and the housing association can profit from this!

Data is everywhere. That means that there are countless possibilities in many different areas. Let’s develop the optimal solution for you.

Is your company ready for the next industrial revolution?